Meet Rebecca

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I am the author of The Clitoral Truth, which was featured on “Sex and the City”, September 7, 2003.  My articles have appeared on, RH Reality Check,, in Ms. (cover article, “Rescripting Sex”), On Our Backs, On the Issues, the Village Voice, and The Women’s Health Advocate, as well as in peer-reviewed medical journals.  I have a PhD in sexology and am a Certified Sex Advisor.

As I was writing The Clitoral Truth, I began to wonder how men got on top: socially, economically, and sexually. Out of my independent research I created a course that answers this question: “The Cultural History of Sexuality,” which I teach at Pace University in New York City in the winter and spring and at Florida State University in Tallahassee in the summer.  I also teach two courses in freshman sexuality issues at Pace and have learned an enormous amount from my students.