The Orgasm Quiz

1.  Why is the most famous woman’s orgasm in the movies a fake orgasm?

a.  ___  The guy came too soon.

b.  ___  She didn’t have enough time to get excited.

c.  ___ The film ratings board won’t allow real ones.

d.  ___  Women don’t have orgasms reliably anyway.

e.  ___  Many women fake orgasms.

f.  ___  What is the most famous woman’s orgasm in the movies?



Scroll down for the answers!



Correct answer:  except for (f), any and all of the above.

a.  The guy came too soon.  Guys learn to masturbate when they’re young and have to do it in secret so they won’t get found out or punished, and hence, they learn to get quick, efficient orgasms. This is why many guys come quickly.  Also, most porn focuses on male orgasm, entirely ignoring female pleasure, and this may be how many men think sex ought to be.  If they work at it, go slow, and focus more on their partner’s pleasure, they can slowly retrain themselves to last longer, and—big secret: have seriously better orgasms.

b.  She didn’t have enough time to get excited.  Some women are easily orgasmic and can become aroused and have one or more orgasms—maybe many more!—without much effort.  Other women take longer, sometimes a lot longer.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Male orgasm has a certain pattern, and once intercourse is started, it often proceeds rather quickly to orgasm.  If it’s 3 a.m., and alcohol is involved, sleep often happens before the woman is aroused enough for her own orgasm.  Unless women ask for their what they want first, and postpone intercourse until she has one or more, it may not happen.  This is the Tantric model of ecstatic, mind blowing, out of body, sexual experiences. 

c. The film ratings board won’t allow real ones. The Motion Picture Association of America controls sexual content, limiting language regarding sex, nudity, and sexual activity.  No orgasm can occur in the approved number of seconds.  To see what’s been cut out famous films, watch This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Kirby Dick's exposé of the American movie ratings board, and find out why the best orgasm in films is a fake one. It’s a really amazing detective story.

d.  Women don’t have orgasms reliably.  Some women have quick and reliable orgasms in sexual activity, some need a reasonable amount of time—say 5 to 10 minutes—and some need more than that.  Estimates for each of these categories vary considerably.  It shouldn’t make any difference, really, if women asked for the time and kind of stimulation they need and men respected this.  Unfortunately, a lot of sexual activity does not include awareness of women’s needs and preferences and your partner won’t know yours if you don’t tell him or her.  But you don’t necessarily have to have an orgasm to have a good sexual experience! 

e.  Many women fake orgasm.  You’re not alone!  Research shows that at least 50% of women have faked orgasm, and conversely few men believe that the women they have had sex with faked.

f.  What is the most famous woman’s orgasm in the movies?  Obviously, Meg Ryan’s in When Harry Met Sally.